Desing Notes-Myrmidons

It was clear to us from the beginning that our first unit to see the light had to be the Myrmidons. Our impression is that, in today’s market, there is no other model range that can represent the specific concept of Myrmidon from The Ninth Age as faithfully as our model.

We wanted to offer a design away from the typical angry and aggressive demon. Those nuances are characteristic of a demon of Wrath, and the Myrmidons of The Ninth Age do not have to be aligned with the cardinal sin of Wrath, at least not more than they could be associated with Pride, Lust or Laziness.

For these reasons, we decided to look for a totally new design. The profile of the Myrmidon gave us many clues as to the nuances that should be represented in our model:

  • Unit type: “standard beast”. The pattern of the legs of the Myrmidon, with the reversed knees, resembles that of a creature capable of taking great strides. This anatomical detail is present in most “humanoid” demons in the army, as well as other “bestial” attributes, such as hooves.
  • Strength 5: It is clear that we are talking about a very strong creature, as it is perceived in the muscular body of these boys.
  • Discipline 8, fight in extra rank: these two details lead us to think that these are well-organized troops, capable of maintaining tight and orderly formations. In our concept, these demons have been subdued and enslaved for many years. Their dark masters have ripped off their wings and sealed their lips, taking away their ability to speak, as nothing they have to say matters. Only the unit leader maintains that ability, and only to give the pertinent orders that are required. Furthermore, the bodies of the Myrmidons are covered in lashes and cuts.
  • Armament: “figth in extra rank” is also represented by this heavy spear, long enough to allow attacking from far away.