Desing Notes-Miser of Sugulag

Our second character could not be other than the incredible Miser of Sugulag, another concept for which it is not easy to find a good model in the current market.

It was totally obvious that our Miser had to radiate a very clear feeling of greed. You can see that the miniature is full of details that convey just that: the amount of treasure that surrounds it, the way in which it holds its latest and most valuable acquisition (a Tesseract?), The ornate and powerful Abyssal Armor that surrounds its resistant body… However, if I had to stay with a single detail of our model, without a doubt it would be his face. That face, that look… it’s pure greed!

If you look closely, you can see the medallion with the rune of Greed. With this object, he is recognized as one of the most powerful demons in the army, and without a doubt it is another of his favorite treasures.