Desing Notes-Titanslayer Chariot

Although it may seem that once the Myrmidons were designed, the Titanslayer Chariot would not have much more complication, you will find that we have implemented a series of conceptual details that make this model ooze with personality:

  • The Myrmidons are equipped with a different weapon, one with “biological” explosive charges (perhaps demonic acid, or any other arcane explosive ichor you can imagine), with which we want to represent an enormous capacity to do a lot of damage in an instant, perhaps only once in the entire game. If you look at the unit’s rules, you’ll see that it has the ability Multiple Wounds, while charging to certain creatures.
  • The chariot draft beast is a huge and aggressive creature, as we could expect of a Strenght 6 beast.
  • The chassis of the chariot has been composed with remains of demons (bones, teeth, etc.), since these creatures do not have the technology or artisan capacity to work metal and other raw materials, with few exceptions.