Desing Notes-Hope Harvester & Engine of Damnation

The most important thing about this model is that it can be purchased in two sizes: a Large one, on a 50×100 base, and another Gigantic, on a 150×100 base. We already had the baby that we put in the Sentinel’s pulpit, so… all we had to do was feed it and wait for it to grow enough!

The Large Harvester represents a young adult creature. Its body has been designed to appear quite slow and heavy. He has protective plates, to represent that he is one of the few demons with decent armor. Lastly, its mouth is capable of vomiting a magic beam that can be a deadly ranged weapon.

The Gigantic Harvester is already a fully developed specimen. The legs have grown so large that it no longer has to crawl on its belly (which is why it has a 15-inch March capacity, instead of 10). Its immense size is to represent that it has no less than 7 Health Points. The rest of the body features remain, and we’ve also added some additional armor plates to make it look more like an engine of destruction.