Desing Notes-Sentinel of Nukuja

This model is very special, as it was the first character designed by OP-Models, which represented a true challenge, added to the already considerable difficulty of representing this sensational model as it deserves.

The concept of the Sentinel of Nukuja is very clear in the background of The Ninth Age: the most powerful demon of those dedicated to the Sin of Sloth. So lazy that he doesn’t even make an effort to walk, as he is carried on a palanquin by four enslaved servants.

This model is quite complex, and it has several parts. We are going to detail each one of them:

  • The Sentinel himself. We have tried that everything in this model evokes the most absolute neglect and disdain: his obese body that describes absolute laziness; the listless face; the way he holds the grimoire without the slightest interest; the position of the staff, which he is barely able to hold upright. These magical elements also serve to represent that he is the best sorcerer in the army. Another very important element is the medallion, with the symbol of Sloth, which marks him as one of the highest ranking demons.
  • The Porters. Although not much information is given about these creatures in the background of the Demonic Legions, we have decided to represent them by Myrmidons even more subdued and enslaved than those who usually form in ranked units. They are still quite strong (Strength 5), but the absence of weapons and their awkward posture could justify that the other attributes are somewhat worse than those of a normal Myrmidon.

The Breeding of Hope-Harvester. It occurred to us that one way to add flavor and personality to the miniature was to place a valuable Hope-Harvester hatchling at the bottom of the pulpit, with a top rack so that the Sentinel can feed it and give it all kinds of cuddles.